Pray with The Pastor

The 411

Who?: You, Us & Pastor Joe
What?: Worship & Prayer
Why?: Philippians 4:6 / 2 Chr 7:14
Where?: 1750 N. Gow St., Wichita
Which Room: FCC Sanctuary
When?: Last Sunday @ 4pm
How?: with Thanksgiving; in Expectation; by Faith

An Invitation to Pray with the Pastor

Jesus, quoting the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 56:7), said “My House shall be called a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13). At FCC, we stand firm on the words and teachings of Jesus, and we believe that prayer changes things. While there are many opportunities at FCC to connect with other believers in prayer, ‘Pray with the Pastor’ is an especially inspirational time of prayer. Once a month (the last Sunday of the month) we come together and meet with the pastor in the sanctuary where we spend time together for a time of casual worship and prayer.

What Do We Pray About?

Everything. We prayer for each other’s needs. We pray for specific needs; for our church, our neighborhood, the city, the state, the nation, the world. We pray for our students, teachers & educators. We pray for our government and our leaders. We pray for the persecuted Church, as well as the salvation of those who persecute the Church. We pray for unity and edification of the Body, and we pray that everyone would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. There is never a lack of things to pray for; albeit, never enough time in the day to cover everything. This is where the Monthly Prayer Emphasis is a great resource.

The Monthly Prayer Emphasis

Each month, when we come together, Pastor Joe has prepared a Prayer Emphasis handout. This is a list of specific things that we, as a the Church, not only pray about during this one evening of corporate prayer, but is a resource we take home so we can continue to pray for in our personal time. The Prayer Emphasis, is a brilliant tool that allows us, as the Church, to lift up prayers and petitions in unity—with one mind and one accord—agreeing together with one voice before God. What a great prayer too!

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