My Morning Lance

The Full Armor of God

The lance is a part of armor that we do not think about often. The lance is a weapon that is used both offensively and defensively, striking the enemy at a distance as well as in close combat. We see God using it and telling Joshua to use it, as a symbol of coming deliverance, salvation, as well as a declaration of victory.

“Then the LORD told Joshua, ‘Stretch out the battle lance that’s in your hand toward Ai, because I will give it into you control.’ So Joshua stretched out the battle lance that was in his hand towards the city.” (Joshua 8:18 | ISV)

And draw out the spear and lance, to meet my pursuers. Say to my soul, ‘Thy salvation I am.’” (Psalms 35:3 | YLT, NET)

As you read / pray ‘My Morning Lance’, consider the words, how they give thanks to God as you stand faithfully upon the promises that He has declared over you. As you pray this prayer today, visualize yourself stretching out the lance of God’s salvation and victory over your day. God has promised victory through His own work on Calvary. As the lance pierced Jesus’ side, Jesus overcame death, hell, and the grave, winning eternal victory for you and me. THANK YOU JESUS!

Follow-up Reading

Take a moment and read Ephesians 6:10-18.

Good morning, Father God! Today is the day that You have made, therefore, my life is complete with victory as I celebrate You with fulness of joy. Thank You that the light of Your Glory has risen upon me, and I have awakened this morning in the face of Your Glory. I want to thank You that my steps have been ordered by You, and You will be pleased in my walk. As I go forth in the power of Your Spirit, I want to thank You that no weapon formed against me can prosper. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Therefore, the full Armor of God is active, operating through me this day. Thank you, God, for being my protection and shelter and that no plague of any kind will come near me. I want to thank You for ordering Your angels to shield me wherever I go and that I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, I have the mind of Christ, and I expect for You to speak to my heart throughout the day, so I will hear the voice of my Father as I make choices and decisions. I declare that wherever my steps take me, Your Presence dominates me, and the ground that I stand on is holy ground. As I place my trust in You, I will become stronger and rise up like a soaring eagle. I will go forth without becoming exhausted or tired out. I will be strong in You, Lord, and in the Poser of Your Might. I just want to say that I love You, Father, and thank You for being my salvation throughout this day. In Jesus' name, Amen!

(My Morning Lance, goes with Mark Harmon's sermon, "Man-Up!" You can listen to it below.)

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